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   Scott MacDonell
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Thanks for visiting Scott MacDonell's website.  Scott has lived in Los Angeles since 1997 after doing theater and improv in Chicago for a few years.  He's married to the lovely Megan Austin Oberle and has two great sons.  He's a proud papa. 


Scott adds: "I'm also proud of the acting I've done.  Check out my resume and headshots at this site.  I've also added a new videos page of movies and bits I've done in the past, and new short-but-sweet sketches I've done for the 2 minute generation.  You can contact me through my agent, found on my resume page".


Currently, Scott is working with sketch partner Stephen Brewster on The Stephen/Scott Show.  In 2007, they performed to sold out audiences at The Second City Studio Theatre and the Los Angeles Comedy Festival.  In 2008, they were highlighted in Time Out Chicago as one of the "must see" shows at the Chicago SketchFest.  They are performing at the 2009 LA Comedy Fest again in May.  On Strike.TV, you can see Scott along with a group of very talented improvisors, including Jim Staahl, in several improvised group therapy sessions, called PsychoBabble, created by Bill Taub.  At the end of May, Scott begins work on Chad Fifer's movie - "The Ward", playing Fifer's brother.


For more, check out the news page for frequent updates concerning his career, and where you can see him next.






















When he's not acting, he's blogging about the seismic shifts in advertising (it happens to be a major interest of his).  One such blog talks about endorsement radio and how more and more advertisers are using endorsers to break through in radio advertising.


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