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Ok, this video isn't the greatest quality, but it's pretty funny.  At our last show, a man in the second row literally fell forward laughing, knocking down the guy in front of him.  It's called "Have you Heard this One".  Have you?


Video: Have you Heard this One?




A movie I did a few years ago has been posted in it's entirety on MySpace.  It's 12 minutes long and I think well worth the time.  It won four festivals in categories from Best Short to Best Comedy.  Check it out.  Click here to watch the worst 12 minutes of my life in PuddleJumper.




Here's a well-rated short parody (um, and social commentary) on funnyordie.com that Daniel Kinno wrote and AJ Tesler cast me in.  We shot this in an hour.



Ok, I'm absolutely ridiculous in this, but it's also ridiculously fun.  Huge apologies to CW McCall.



Here are some of the Psycho Babble shows we've done.  Man, I love the people in this cast.





This is a trailer for The Chosen One, an animated feature created by Chad Fifer, Andreas Olavarria, and Chris Lackey.  I have four or five voices in the film -- one of them a magical swan that sings showtunes.  The film is quite remarkable -Tim Curry, Tracy Lords, Lance Henriksen, Chris Sarandon and Laura Prepon star.  Great cast.



Below is a Black & Decker improvised commercial I was in a few years ago.  It was crazy how much freedom they allowed the actors.  We knew where we had to get  (ie, "talk about the products"), but how we got there was up to us.  This is Part 2 of 3 parts (part 2 is where I start, but it's fun to also watch it from Part 1 and on...it's about 13 minutes total).



Here's Part 3 of the B&D Commercial.




More videos of moi can be found at StephenScottShow.com and FiferandLackey.com.



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