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With Stephen Brewster, sketch partner extraordinairre, Scott formed the Stephen/Scott Show (www.stephenscottshow.com).  They will be seen next at the 2009 Los Angeles Comedy Festival.  On film, Scott is playing outwardly sweet, inwardly deranged Wilbur in Chad Fifer's "The Ward", a fantastic TV script and pilot concept.


And Scott can also currently be seen on Strike.TV in PsychoBabble, an often hilarious improvised group therapy show. 


And now...Scott promotes himself at nauseating levels with...


A sampling of REVIEWS from publications across the country


"MacDonell (is) bright and gifted"

Los Angeles Times


"...a spastically blundering Barney...all the players do fine work...but MacDonell deserves an extra bow for being terrific..."

Backstage West


"...balls out...performed as if it were these guys' last time on stage." 

Time Out Chicago


"Scott MacDonell...is one of the production's highlights.  Practically any scene (Scott) is in means laughs are sure to follow..."



"...superb comic timing and verbal dexterity..."

LA Weekly


"So funny, so ridiculous, and so much fun...this reviewer laughed more and had a better time than at most of the self-described contemporary 'comedies'..."

Nightlines - Chicago


"Scott MacDonell is a standout...strongly reminiscent of Kramer, a la 'Seinfeld'.  Yet he brings his own flavor to the character, serving notice that he is imitating no one."

The Beach Reporter


"Scott MacDonell and Mike Uribes are a skilled pair, quite sharp in their performances"

Backstage West


"An amusing turn by Scott MacDonell"

The News


"...exudes great energy and drama..."

The Argonaut



Los Angeles Times on Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead (Scott was Rosencrantz)


"Scott MacDonell was a joy to watch...time well spent"



"The casting was impeccable... if the lead isn't doing work on a stage or in front of a camera on a regular basis, he should be"

Project Greenlight director, on Scott in PuddleJumper


"You sweat as he sweats, pant as he pants, and grimace alongside the agony that is etched on his face."



"Particularly impressive is Scott MacDonell"



"Top acting honors go to the hilarious turns of Alan Altshuld and Scott MacDonell"

Backstage West


"...adept comic bits come from Scott MacDonell as the myopic, hysterical ship builder..."



PuddleJumper awards (Scott plays the lead, "Ed")

****Winner 'Best Comedy' - 2003 Ft. Meyers Film Festival****
****Winner 'Best Comedy' - 2002 Arizona Int'l Film Festival****
****Audience Award Winner 'Best Short' - 2002 DancesWith Films Festival****

****Audience Award Winner - 2006 "The Best Fest"****

****Winner 'Best Comedy' - 2005 Show Me Film Festival****


Birds Die Awards (Scott stars as "Brian")

****Winner 'Best Comedy' - 2001 Fargo Film Festival****




Scott MacDonell is an actor and improviser in Los Angeles.  He can be seen regularly at The Second City, Improv Olympic, and ComedySportz.  Occassionally, Mr. Todd Stashwick will even invite him as a guest to perform in his Hothouse shows in the Valley.  Scott was born in Miami, Florida, and has acted on stage and screen in Miami, Phoenix, Tucson, Chicago, and now in his home of Los Angeles.  He got his professional acting start as a kid in a local lumber commercial and later in an Ivory Soap commercial in Miami, Florida.  Recent films include You Owe Us, Peace, Moviemania, and PuddleJumper


He is a graduate of The Second City Conservatory and the Players Workshop of the Second City in Chicago.  Alongside the acting training, he also has an MBA, a MS in Computer Information Systems and a Masters Certificate in Telecommunications Management.   Why?  Who knows.


Scott loves the stage, whether it's unscripted improv, or word perfect Shakespeare.  Favorite  theatre credits include Rosencrantz in Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, Mortimer in The Fantasticks, Trent in Six Degrees of Separation, Christopher Wren in The Mousetrap, and Bob Cratchit in A Christmas Carol.


Scott is a member of S.A.G and always has a show a-brewin' for some near date.  The latest can be found at his show website, ShowFrog.com or StephenScottShow.com.  Actually...best to check StephenScottShow.com.  ShowFrog is really just sitting there with no activity (on a lillypad in cyberspace).


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